Free SMS to Ufone

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Free SMS to Ufone
Web to SMS Ufone Pakistan, Nice Broadcast for All Pakistanis that they can now transport footloose sms to ufone using their Internet connection. It only requires that someone to whom you are sending sms must respond to the sms sent to him via web to sms ufone chat service. This reply is need only for the security reasons as in this way nobody will be able to annoy others using ufone internet chat.

Ufone Internet Chat helps users to chat with their friends and family via text messaging. If you are off line, just ask your friends to use Internet chat to get in touch with you.
This service allows sms receivers to reply to the message by using their cell phone and once they replied to the sms then the chat will be started and the person who is sending sms via web i.e. ufone internet chat would be able to send more sms without any further confirmation from the receiver end. In this way you can send sms using your internet connection free of cost to any ufone mobile number in Pakistan. You can send free sms to any network in Pakistan following the link: Free SMS to Pakistan

Web to SMS Ufone
Free SMS to Ufone from internet helps us to chat with our friends and family via Free Ufone SMS using internet connection without any kind of charges. With Web to SMS you can now chat in Pakistan and around the world with any Ufone subscriber.

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What are the requirements for Web to SMS Chat?
All you have to do is visit Ufone’s website at and visit its WEB to SMS Chat. A chat applet will pop up.
Follow the instructions below to use ufone chat facility using your internet.
To Play the Gossip Session:
Type any name as nick and click Connect
Enter the recipient Ufone number to whom you wish to chat with
Write your message in the message box and click on Send Button.
Your Ufone friend can reply to this message through SMS and you will receive his/her message on your computer screen. After receiving his sms you will be able to send him more sms messages without further confirmation.


Now Ufone subscribers can chat LIVE via SMS on the World Call cable network: this facility allows you to make new friends every day, participate in various other segments and move the world according to your preference – you can chat with the people of your city on LIVE television, request for your favorite Urdu and English video songs, play games, request for your horoscope and much more – all this by just sending an SMS.

Expand your chat experience by sharing pictures (using MMS) while chatting on TV, or show others how good a photographer you are with your mobile camera!

Ufone International SMS

Now you can SMS anyone, anywhere around the world. To get a complete list of countries you can send an SMS to, you can download the complete list of countries along with the services we offer in region of your interest. – See more at:

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