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Free SMS to Canada

Free SMS to Canada

canada-flagCanada is situated a nation in the northern side of America. Its ten areas and three regions stretch out from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers (3.85 million square miles), making it the world’s second-biggest nation by add up to zone and the fourth-biggest nation via arrive territory. Canada’s southern outskirt with the United States is the world’s longest bi-national land fringe. Most of the nation has a frosty or seriously icy winter atmosphere, however southerly ranges are warm in summer. Canada is scantily populated, the lion’s share of its property region being ruled by timberland and tundra and the Rocky Mountains. It is exceptionally urbanized with 82 for every penny of the 35.15 million individuals packed in vast and medium-sized urban areas, many close to the southern fringe. Its capital is Ottawa, and its biggest metropolitan ranges are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Different indigenous people groups have possessed what is presently Canada for a large number of years preceding European colonization. Starting in the sixteenth century, the British and French built up settlements, the first being the state of Canada set up by France in 1535. As a result of different furnished clashes, British North America picked up and lost domain until, by the late eighteenth century, it controlled the greater part of what contains Canada today. On July 1, 1867, the provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia were united to shape the semi-self-ruling government Dominion named Canada. This started a gradual addition of areas and regions to the Dominion to the present ten regions and three domains framing contemporary Canada. In 1931, Canada accomplished close aggregate freedom from the United Kingdom with the Statute of Westminster 1931, aside from the ability to revise its constitution. With the Constitution Act of 1982, Canada assumed control over that specialist (as the finish of Partition)

Mobile Networks of Canada

Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless is a Canadian remote phone organization headquartered in Toronto, giving administration broadly all through Canada. It is Canada’s biggest remote bearer, with 9.819 million supporters as of Q3 2015, and incomes of just shy of $7.3 billion out of 2013. It is an entirely claimed backup of Rogers Communications.


Telus Mobility is a division of Telus which offers remote administrations in Canada on its various systems. It right now has three distinct systems in view of four unique innovations: CDMA, HSPA+, and LTE on its standard systems. As of Q4 2014, Telus is Canada’s second biggest cell phone supplier with a supporter base of more than 8.30 million. Since 2008, Telus has worked a MVNO named Koodo Mobile. Koodo is focused at secondary school, school and college understudies, much like the now-dead Amp’d Mobile Canada that went before it in 2007.As of 2014, Telus Mobility has finished the buy of Public Mobile. Open Mobile works as a MVNO on the Telus 4G arrange.


Bell Mobility is a Canadian CDMA, LTE and HSPA+ based remote system, named Bell Cellular until 1993. The division of BCE Incorporation offers remote administrations over Canada. Ringer Mobility and its members consolidated have just shy of 8.12 million endorsers as of the finish of Q4 2014, making it Canada’s third biggest remote carrier. Bell claimed Virgin Mobile Canada and Solo Mobile and additionally Loblaw’s prepaid PC Telecom. Some of Bell Canada’s territorial backups keep on operating their own particular remote systems isolate from (yet by and large considering meandering with) Bell Mobility; these are Northwestel (NMI Mobility and Latitude Wireless), and (NorthernTel Mobility


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Wind Mobile is a Canadian remote broadcast communications supplier claimed by Shaw Communications. Founded in 2008 by the interchanges organization Globalive, Wind was one of a few new portable transporters propelled in Canada in 2008 after an administration activity to support rivalry in the remote area nearby Mobilicity (later gained by Rogers Communications) and Public Mobile (later obtained by Telus). With 940,000 dynamic supporters, Wind is Canada’s fourth-biggest versatile administrator. Twist at first propelled portable information and voice benefits in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario on December 16, 2009 and after two days in Calgary, Alberta. From that point forward, Southern Ontario has been the fundamental focus of system development.


Vidéotron General Partnership is a Canadian coordinated media communications organization dynamic in satellite TV, intuitive sight and sound improvement, video on request, link communication, remote correspondence and Internet get to administrations. Claimed by Quebecor, the organization basically serves Quebec, and additionally the franco telephone groups of New Brunswick and a few sections of Eastern Ontario.


Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation, generally known as SaskTel, is a full administration interchanges supplier in Saskatchewan. A crown partnership, SaskTel has $1.2 billion in yearly income and more than 1.4 million client associations including more than 607,000 remote gets to, 492,000 wire lines organize gets to, 250,000 web gets to and 100,000 maxTV supporters. SaskTel offers so much variety of interchanges items and administrations which includes focused voice, information, web, stimulation, security checking, informing, cell, and remote information.


Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), once in the past Manitoba Telephone System, is the essential media communications transporter in the Canadian region of Manito band the fourth biggest broadcast communications supplier in Canada with more than 5000 workers. It gives neighborhood and long-separate telephone administrations, TV benefit, Internet administration and remote administrations including computerized PCS, cell, and paging. Manitoba Telecom Services is the traded on an open market holding organization; it right now makes them work backup; MTS Inc.

Send Free SMS to Canada
You can send free SMS via the Internet to any mobile network anywhere in Canada. We have collected few sites that offer free SMS in Canada. You just need to select the best ones that provide free SMS to your desired network in Canada. People from all over the world work dream to get Canada immigration visa, many go there for studies, many go for job, and many others try to marry a girl in Canada to get spouse visa. Their relatives need to contact them so they always try to find out websites that offer free SMS to Canada; therefore they go to internet and search following terms at their beloved search engines.

The country code for Canada is: (+1)

Here are some selected sites that offer free SMS to Canada. For further information, suggestion or any kind of help please contact us by visiting contact us page of this website.

Send SMS to a Canadian or American– SMSGlossary.com

Bell Mobility Web Messaging, Send a text message directly to any Bell Mobility text-enabled phone.

Send Message; Send a message to any SkyTel U.S. alphanumeric customer.

Page-Me.Com, This is a free SMS / Paging site run by Richard Lau. What’s the purpose of this site? Simply put, it is built so that one could send messages from a single web page to people on various different carriers.

Send text message SMS from computer to cell phone and receive replies online from website.

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If you want to Submit Your Site for this category then please follow this link, fill form and submit your free SMS sending website for approval.
You can send free SMS to any network in Pakistan following the link: Free SMS to Pakistan

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